The Garrison Institute’s Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH) signature program explores and promotes a regenerative paradigm that nurtures the health of the whole, simultaneously optimizing human wellbeing and preserving the biosphere.

The predominant worldview and its economic system for assigning value is based on a degenerative paradigm, which values extraction and consumption, and rewards the success of the individual or corporation. PPH seeks to illuminate a different way forward.

The Garrison Institute is convening a series of conversations, bringing together ethicists, community leaders, business leaders, scientists and academics, economists, humanitarians and artists, amongst others, who share a strong interest in best positioning how humanity can navigate forward in these complex times.

Donella Meadows observed:

“the number one way to intervene in a system is to change the mindset or paradigm out of which the system— its goals, power structure, rules, its culture — arises.”

Pathways to Planetary Health Framework

During our first convening of this project in 2018, the Garrison Institute explored the following four Pathways to Planetary Health:

  • Half-Earth – to conserve half of the earth’s land and sea to safeguard its biodiversity, and the conditions for ecological regeneration.
  • Ecological Civilization – to follow an ecosystems model, implementing proven and emerging technologies, integrated with natural systems to draw down green-house gas emissions and increase biodiversity, powered with renewable energy, shifting from mining sourced to biological building and other materials, fed by regenerative agriculture, etc.
  • Regenerative Economics – to move from consumptive capitalism toward regenerative capitalism that rewards actions that increase systemic health and dis-incentivizes systemic degradation.
  • Societal Altruism – to build a shared understanding of our human cultures as cognitive ecologies, which, if imbued with pervasive altruism, an ethics of the common good, could become a generative social field from which would grow environmental, social and intergenerational justice.


In March 2020, the Garrison Institute will host another gathering to hold space for deep contemplation around the ethical underpinnings – the respect and honoring of the common good above all else – that must underlie and serve as the cornerstone for all other pathways towards a regenerative future. An ultimate goal of this symposium is to influence financial and investment leaders to consider a set of new ethical principles, aligned with planetary health, to guide their investment decisions toward a regenerative worldview.

We invite you to take a deeper look into our 2020 symposium: Pathways to Planetary Health: Ethics in the Age of the Anthropocene