The Contemplative Artist’s Way

From ancient wisdom traditions to secular and science-based approaches to mindfulness, people have always found ways to engage contemplative practices to foster wellbeing and channel attention. In this Fellowship Forum from April 13, Kenji Summers, Sickamore, Quiana Parks, and Dr. Angel Acosta discussed the creative ways that people are cultivating groundedness amidst this tumultuous historical moment.

Intraconnected: Embracing Oneness and Human Differences

Drawing on spiritual, scientific, and sociological expertise, this March 23 forum explored insights from Dr. Dan Siegel’s new book, Intraconnected. Dr. Siegel, Mirabai Bush, Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Garrison Institute Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta explored how to overcome the limiting belief of an isolated and disconnected self, in favor of a self that is “a part of a synergy of systems much bigger than the individual.”

Creating a Wise Work-Life Balance: Relational Sensemaking in Leadership

Many organizations, businesses, and institutions are struggling right now to survive economic downturns while also maintaining human wellbeing—and the balancing act can be tumultuous. Tensions and rifts emerge when core values are challenged by workplace demands—causing moral, social, and economic dilemmas.

The Body Speaks, and Its Language is Movement

Because the body’s wisdom can only be felt in the present moment, movement practices are ideal tools for understanding the complex relationships between heart, mind, body, and the external world. 

Shelly Tygielski: Challenging Injustice Through Meditation

What is the relationship between mindfulness meditation and activism? Is there a way for our meditation practice to be transformed into work that can change the world?  by Aidan Kennelley Often, the act of “sitting” can feel individualistic and self-centered. But Shelly Tygielski believes this can be a powerful tool that enables us to ask the essential question “how can…

Sit Down to Rise Up: An Excerpt from GI Fellow Shelly Tygielski’s Forthcoming Book

Garrison Institute Fellow and Pandemic of Love founder Shelly Tygielski’s forthcoming book Sit Down to Rise Up: How Radical Self-Care Can Change the World will be published next month. We invite you to enjoy this excerpt from Shelly’s book, and we hope you will consider pre-ordering it today. Shelly will join renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg for a virtual book…

September 2021: Insights from the Garrison Institute Fellowship

Wisdom is a product of contemplation, of time spent in deep reflection, and of the expanded perspective that arises from true compassion. Since the Garrison Institute’s founding in 2003, we have created opportunities to receive and share wisdom amongst diverse networks of scholars, contemplative teachers, indigenous leaders, artists, healthcare professionals, humanitarian aid workers, business leaders, activists, and practitioners through innovative…