My Dark Companion: Grief

Sometimes we are supposed to be falling rather than standing upright. I am thinking of the life cycle of a leaf. A portion of a leaf’s life span consists of being firmly rooted on the branch of a tree, while at some point in time, the season comes where the leaf falls from the tree to the earth. If I could put myself in the experience of the leaf for a moment, I imagine the liminal moment between the leaf being firmly attached to the branch and the leaf finding itself unfastened by this uncontrollable gravitational pull to the earth, a moment of grief and fear. I understand our human lives to be similar to that of a leaf.

Lineage, Love and Justice with the Reverend angel Kyodo williams, Sensei

The Garrison Institute is delighted to present this recent Forum discussion between Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta and the Reverend angel Kyodo williams, Sensei, in which they delved into the history of mindfulness in the West, contemplative entrepreneurship, and the liberative potential of meditation.

Dr. Bayo Akomolafe on “Postactivism”

In this talk with Garrison Institute Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta, “Contemplating Postactivism: Reframing Our Approach to Social Change,” Bayo Akomolafe began by asking the provocative question: “What if the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis?” Dr. Akomolafe is a celebrated philosopher, writer, activist, professor, and international speaker. His work produced the concept of “postactivism,” which refuses the “us vs. them” thinking of traditional activism.

Zen, Contemplative Practice, and the Emergence of Black Queer Joy

This narrative essay offers an exploration of the ways in which contemplative practice can be part of a strategy for nurturing health, well-being, meaning and joy in our everyday lives as Black contemplatives. Drawing on my experience as a Black queer scholar and college professor, attention is given to the notion of contemplative practice as a way of cultivating our internal emotional, intellectual and spiritual resources.

The Contemplative Artist’s Way

From ancient wisdom traditions to secular and science-based approaches to mindfulness, people have always found ways to engage contemplative practices to foster wellbeing and channel attention. In this Fellowship Forum from April 13, Kenji Summers, Sickamore, Quiana Parks, and Dr. Angel Acosta discussed the creative ways that people are cultivating groundedness amidst this tumultuous historical moment.

Intraconnected: Embracing Oneness and Human Differences

Drawing on spiritual, scientific, and sociological expertise, this March 23 forum explored insights from Dr. Dan Siegel’s new book, Intraconnected. Dr. Siegel, Mirabai Bush, Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, and Garrison Institute Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta explored how to overcome the limiting belief of an isolated and disconnected self, in favor of a self that is “a part of a synergy of systems much bigger than the individual.”

Creating a Wise Work-Life Balance: Relational Sensemaking in Leadership

Many organizations, businesses, and institutions are struggling right now to survive economic downturns while also maintaining human wellbeing—and the balancing act can be tumultuous. Tensions and rifts emerge when core values are challenged by workplace demands—causing moral, social, and economic dilemmas.