Reflections on AI and Spiritual Imagination

On May 30th, the Garrison Institute hosted an enlightening Fellowship Forum titled “Artificial Intelligence and Our Spiritual Imagination.” This profound conversation between renowned philosopher Dr. Bayo Akomolafe and Dr. Angel Acosta delved into the complex interplay between AI and spirituality, challenging participants to reimagine their understanding of technology.

The forum began with the provocative idea that AI was not created by humans. Dr. Akomolafe suggested that AI, like intelligence itself, exists beyond human invention, emerging from a web of interconnected processes and influences. This perspective invites us to view AI not as a mere tool, but as a participant in a broader, more-than-human conversation.

Dr. Acosta expanded on this by asserting that intelligence is not solely a human attribute. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the diverse expressions of intelligence throughout the natural world, including AI. This reframing encourages us to explore the ethical and spiritual implications of AI, urging us to engage with technology in ways that honor our interconnectedness and shared existence. 

The forum concluded with a discussion on reimagining our relationship with technology. Dr. Akomolafe and Dr. Acosta highlighted how AI can inspire new contemplative practices, enhancing both personal and collective growth. By integrating AI into our spiritual frameworks, we can foster deeper connections and explore new dimensions of human experience, ultimately enriching our understanding of what it means to be intelligent beings in a complex world.

Watch the whole conversation here:

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