A Buddhist Response to Climate Change

By Eleanor Bennett
Welcome to episode nine of the Climate, Mind and Behavior Podcast. Each episode, we’ll explore groundbreaking intersections between climate change,…

Seasoning the Day with Sanity

By Sam Mowe
During his recent retreat at the Garrison Institute, we spoke with scholar and meditation teacher Alan Wallace about how to cultivate stillness,…

Resting in Wonder

By Sam Mowe
On December 16-18, composer, singer, filmmaker, choreographer, and director Meredith Monk will lead a workshop at the Garrison Institute entitled “Voice…

Kids and Screen Time

By Mark Bertin
Kids and screen time cause considerable parental angst these days—and for good reason. Research shows children spend on average seven…

Our Language of Disconnection

By John McIlwain
“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” -Frantz Fanon Last month I wrote about how the…