Planetary health means the health of all life on Earth. The Pathways program recognizes that the wellbeing of people and the rest of the living planet are deeply interconnected.

The Planetary Health Alliance defines planetary health as “a solutions-oriented, transdisciplinary field and social movement focused on understanding and addressing the impacts of human disruptions to Earth’s natural systems on human health and all life on Earth.”

2023 Pathways to Planetary Health Symposium.

Pathways to Planetary Health is the integrative environmental program of the Garrison Institute. The Pathways program builds on over 20 years of experience developing practical, scalable solutions to global environmental issues by integrating scientific research and the relational worldview inherent in contemplative and indigenous traditions. 

We convene leaders – in person, at the Garrison Institute, a beautiful and serene setting less than an hour from NYC – to launch new initiatives, bridge across sectors, and deepen shared purpose for planetary health. Our custom-designed gatherings provide leaders with a place to deeply reflect on what they’re doing and why. We weave contemplative practice throughout our events to help link knowledge, values, and action. Through roundtables, workshops, and annual symposiums, we build social capital and inspire new networks.

We strategically engage to open pathways and develop the leading edge of new fields of thought and action. Our strategic engagement work unlocks new pathways for planetary health by building the will to do things differently. It also generates the infrastructure and ongoing support needed to develop new cross-sector fields.

We develop leadership programs to create conditions for transformation and to build agency, confidence, and relational thinking among the next generation of future leaders in society. This leads to: 

  • Individuals who become oriented toward inter-institution leadership rather than sole-authorship.
  • Cohorts who become more effective at communicating and handling complex systems, big data, and big emotions of the world today. 

In each of these work streams, the Pathways to Planetary Health program integrates contemplative practice to restore balance, promote healing, and create the conditions for regenerative culture.

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2023 Pathways to Planetary Health Symposium.

Our Work Is Guided by Four Pathways

Biodiversity Stewardship: Our work is grounded in relationship with the living Earth. We build partnerships to safeguard and regenerate the diversity of all life. Biodiversity is the foundation of ecological resilience and integral to planetary health. 

Ecological Civilization: At the present time, many of our lifestyles and patterns of behavior are impacting planetary health. We research and promote regenerative human systems – such as energy, buildings, and food systems – that improve planetary health and wellbeing. 

Regenerative Economies: Economies have been driving exploitation and impractical patterns of production and consumption. We explore emerging economic systems that enhance planetary health, create conditions for justice, and align the wellbeing of people, communities, and the planet.

Common Good: Our work recognizes shared benefits and responsibilities across peoples, species, and generations. Inclusive ethics are based on mutual respect and care and treat every element—from organisms in the soil to humanity itself—with honor. We engage with work that values the commons.

Contact Us

To explore partnership opportunities or learn about ways to support our work, please contact Stephen Posner at We welcome ideas for actionable projects.