My Dark Companion: Grief

Sometimes we are supposed to be falling rather than standing upright. I am thinking of the life cycle of a leaf. A portion of a leaf’s life span consists of being firmly rooted on the branch of a tree, while at some point in time, the season comes where the leaf falls from the tree to the earth. If I could put myself in the experience of the leaf for a moment, I imagine the liminal moment between the leaf being firmly attached to the branch and the leaf finding itself unfastened by this uncontrollable gravitational pull to the earth, a moment of grief and fear. I understand our human lives to be similar to that of a leaf.

CARE: An Adult SEL Program with Proof

CARE: An Adult SEL Program with Proof

Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) is a unique evidence-based program designed to help those working in educational settings ( e.g., PK-12, Higher Education, OST) reduce stress and enliven their work by promoting awareness, presence, compassion, reflection, and inspiration – the inner resources they need to help themselves and their students flourish, socially, emotionally, and academically. 

3 Ways to Become a More Resilient Leader

3 Ways to Become a More Resilient Leader: The ABCs

It’s no secret that non-profit leaders are stressed by the demanding responsibilities of their jobs. According to a study published in the Nonprofit Management & Leadership journal, major stressors include financial constraints, resource limitations, and the pressure to achieve ambitious goals while serving diverse stakeholders (Doherty, 2019). The emotional toll of working with vulnerable populations while attempting to address complex social issues creates an additional burden.

Dr. Sharon Blackie Speaks on Women Shape-Shifting in a Discussion of the Animate Earth

Dr. Sharon Blackie offers a multidisciplinary approach in exploring various myths to help us navigate our complex world. She emphasizes the power of storytelling and its transformative potential, highlighting the need for a reciprocal relationship with the environment. The journey of the mythological seal women depicts the quest for harmony that urges us to embrace the completeness within ourselves. Her teachings reveal the power of narratives to reflect our complexities and invite inner harmony. Dr. Blackie’s exploration compels us to acknowledge our yearning for balance while embracing all facets of our identities.