dan-siegel-120June 18, 2014 e-news: Educating the Heart

  • Educating the Heart
  • RESEARCH: The Human Dimensions of Resilience
  • VIDEO: Why CARE Matters
  • Beyond “The Mindful Revolution” Meme
  • Summer Guides
  • Mindful Leadership Summit



andrew-zolli-120May 14, 2014 e-news: Bridging Personal and Social Change

  • Welcoming Andrew Zolli
  • VIDEO: Thomas Moore on Religion and Spirituality
  • The Greater Good Gratitude Summit
  • From New York to West Cork, Retreats that Can Change the World
  • We're Hiring


Soren-Headshot-120April 19, 2014 e-news: Bridging Personal and Social Change

  • Bridging Personal and Social Change
  • PODCAST: Earth Day in the Age of Us
  • VIDEO: Mindfulness at Work


dan-siegel-120April 4, 2014 e-news: Soul and Synapse

  • Soul and Synapse: The Integrated Self
  • Deepening Feedback Loops: Our CBB Synthesis Report
  • April 24: Earth Day Dinner with Andy Revkin
  • Upcoming Retreat Highlights
  • We're Hiring


Sharon-Salzberg-120March 18, 2014 e-news: Mindfulness at Work

  • Mindfulness at Work
  • The Potential Project
  • Compassion Is Contagious



Thomas-Moore color-correctedMarch 5, 2014 e-news: Accounting for the Mysterious

  • Accounting for the Mysterious: Thomas Moore at the Garrison Institute
  • Community Resilience and Climate Change
  • Contemplation and Culture Shift



Susan-Myers retouch-120February 18, 2014 e-news: Art and Breathing

  • “Art Breathing” for Educators
  • Busting Stress and Boosting Productivity at Work
  • Resilience Tools for Aid Workers
  • Communication Skills for Caregivers
  • Retreat with Dan Siegel
  • Public Talk with Thomas Moore



dansiegel video-235February 4, 2014 e-news: Bridging Science and Spirituality

  • Bridging Science and Spirituality
  • Pete Seeger, Quite Early Morning
  • Finding Justice Within
  • Scholarships for Educators
  • Mindfulness at Work



sharon videoframe-235January 21, 2014 e-news: Mindfulness and Focused Engagement in the Workplace

  • Mindfulness and Focused Engagement in the Workplace
  • Video: Sharon Salzberg on Happiness at Work
  • MLK, LGBT and “The Beauty of Our Lives”
  • Contemplative Teaching & Learning in the London Times
  • Resilience Training for Aid Workers


Sharon-Salzberg-120January 7, 2014 e-news: Tools for a Happier New Year at Work

  • Happy New Year!
  • Welcoming Lisette Cooper
  • Tools for a Happier New Year at Work
  • Hope for the Future of Climate Change
  • Invite: Join Sharon Salzberg in Manhattan 1/8
  • Save the Date: Forum on Mindfulness at Work 3/10



Soren-Headshot-120December 3, 2013 e-news: Disconnect to Connect

  • Contemplative Education for Teacher Educators
  • Who Aids the Aid Workers?
  • Disconnect to Connect
  • Contemplative Care
  • Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche (video)



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