Retreat Teachers

Retreats held at the Garrison Institute have touched the lives of over 30,000 since 2003. They offer resources for personal renewal and transformation, and are chosen partly for their applicability to broader social issues. The people who experience them are themselves resources for positive social change.

In the process, we have the privilege of hosting distinguished teachers from diverse wisdom traditions. We present interviews with some of these teachers here.


Thomas-Moore-240 In April 2014 the Garrison Institute hosted a retreat and public talk with Thomas Moore, bestselling author of A Religion of One’s Own. In this interview, Moore describes how he has come to understand distinctions between religion and spirituality, soul and spirit, and how to infuse them into daily life.
Tsoknyi-Rinpoche-240 Tsoknyi Rinpoche led a retreat in September 2013 on “Wisdom in Aging: Waking Up the Mind and Revitalizing the Subtle Body,” and recorded this video interview with Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan Rose.
Chokyi Nyima-240 Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche discusses good and bad uses of technology, the Garrison Institute’s position at the intersection of science and spirituality, and achieving the true happiness and inner beauty of impartial kindness and compassion.
Frenette -Sacred-Attention-240 David Frenette describes how gratitude can open any moment to the source of love, life and joy.
Gregory Kramer Gregory Kramer discusses Insight Dialogue, a method of bringing the tranquility and insight attained in meditation directly into interactions with other people.
yang-240 In April 2013, Larry Yang discussed Buddhism and Insight Meditation and their relationship to contemporary society.
David-Frenette -240

In March 2012, David Frenette discussed the history of Christian Contemplative Prayer. He explores the mystery of life and how the Christian contemplative journey helps the practitioner understand the meaning of God, then closes with a short guided meditation.

Sharon-and-Sylvia-2011 240

Sharon Salzberg and Sylvia Boorstein's introductory talk from the November 2012 retreat, The Four Boundless States.

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rimpoche_240 In May 2010, Gelek Rimpoche is interviewed at the Garrison Institute in a discussion that ranges from the core Buddhist principles of impermanence and interdependence to how to apply these principles in our daily lives.
lama_surya_das_240 Lama Surya Das offers his perspective on what it means to center oneself in Buddha-nature, how one lives and acts in the wakeful state, the balance of inner and outer life, the relationship between enlightenment and social transformation, and more.
rinpoche_240 Tsoknyi Rinpoche discusses the differences between teaching Asian and Western students, and why his teaching of Westerners begins with an emphasis on meditation using the body, opening the heart and attending to emotional well-being.


Jean Houston discusses her optimism for a future of personal and social transformation. She talks with David Rome, Senior Fellow at the Garrison Institute.


Kabir Helminski discusses the Sufi tradition and its relation to Islam. He offers insight into the role of doctrine in Sufism as a useful means of finding coherence among Muslims of different traditions.
salzberg_240 Sharon Salzberg describes the value of attending a retreat and, in particular, the retreat experience at the Garrison Institute. Recorded in December 2010 during a retreat she co-led with Sylvia Boorstein.
salzberg-boorstein240 Sharon Salzberg and Sylvia Boorstein discuss compassion and the opening of the heart as a nonsectarian universal wisdom for people of all backgrounds.
Fr. Thomas Keating  interview 2008 Fr. Thomas Keating discusses the role of centering prayer in an uncentered time.
Adyashanti  interview 2008 Adyashanti discusses his practice and its connection to social change.


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