Video and Audio

During the course of our program initiative forums and our many retreats, we have occasion to produce videos that capture some of the essence of our fascinating work at the intersection of contemplation and engaged action. Please check here occasionally for our new offerings, categorized by our major areas of concern:



Retreat teachers: see interviews with Gelek Rimpoche, Jean Houston, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Lama Surya Das, Kabir Helminski and others





Thought Leaders: see videos with Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson, Evan Thompson, Paul Hawken and others





Contemplation and Education: see interviews with Tobin Hart and Adele Diamond as well as hear audio of selected presentations by Daniel Siegel, Tish Jennings and others





Transformational Ecology: see presentations from the Climate, Mind and Behavior, Climate, Cities and Behavior, and Climate, Buildings and Behavior symposia



Transforming Trauma: see an interview with Gina Sharpe and Cheri Maples as well as hear audio from the January 2011 People Who Care for People Retreat

Media Contact

To inquire about communications or media-related matters, please contact:

John Sirabella, Communications

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  • Mobile: 917.597.3748

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