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May 17, 2019—May 19, 2019

Self-Realization Fellowship Regional Weekend Retreat

The  Self Realization Fellowship’s Regional Weekend Retreat is a silent retreat conducted by its monastics and includes classes on Paramahansa Yogananda’s teaching, group meditations, kirtan, and inspirational talks.

Since the goal of the retreat is to interiorize our consciousness and minimize external distractions, retreatants are expected to maintain silence from the beginning of the first class on Friday after registration through the conclusion of the last class on Sunday. Because of the number of requests received, it is important that reservations be made well in advance.

 The retreat begins on Friday afternoon and concludes on Sunday afternoon and it is open to SRF members and friends. registration opens January 7, 2019. Watch the New York City Center’s website for more details. 

Teachers will be Monastics of Self-Realization Fellowship.

Please click here to register with Self Realization Fellowship on their website before booking your accommodations with the Garrison Institute.