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July 4, 2024—July 7, 2024

Spiritual Retreat with Divine Master Sri Bhramrishi Siddhguru

Spiritual Retreat with Sri Siddhguru


World Spiritual Forum is conducting a spiritual retreat in the divine presence of our Divine Master, Sri Brahmrishi Siddhguru (referred to as “Gurudev”) from July 4 to July 7, 2024 at the Garrison Institute.

This retreat includes Siddhasana (yoga, meditation and other activities in silence), lectures on our ancient wisdom, singing of the divine songs (Bhajans), chanting mantras and most importantly informal discussion with Sri Siddhguru.

The presence of Siddhguru gives special energy to our activities to rejuvenate and elevate our body, mind and soul to a higher level.  In the informal discussion Sri Siddhguru will give answers to participants’ questions and enlighten them.




Sri Siddhguru is one of the most revered sage and practitioner of yoga, meditation, and Vedic science. His mission is to use Vedic science to bring inner peace and happiness into our lives and has helped thousands of people in distress. He is full of compassion, love, humility, and simplicity.

Intellect drives virtually every field of knowledge, but in Vedic science, consciousness is the key. Only a sage who has reached the pinnacle and activated the supreme consciousness can unlock its true potential.

Sri Siddhguru, was born with this supreme consciousness fully activated. He possesses deep insights into Vedic mysteries through intense meditation (Sadhana). His teachings have inspired and transformed lives beyond intellectual understanding. He guides us toward fulfilling lives and spiritual advancement, offers his divine energy to elevate our consciousness, revealing the essence of Vedic science through profound spiritual engagement rather than mere intellectual pursuit.

Sri Siddhguru has traveled to over 100 countries, teaching people how to live a morally uplifting and spiritually fulfilling life.

The morning sessions of this retreat will be devoted to elevating one’s consciousness through yoga, meditation and the power of soul, known as “Siddhasana”. Siddhasana is a journey of awakening and the anchor is silence. This retreat program is structured to raise your consciousness from subconscious living to higher conscious living. Embedded in this retreat is also to be engaged and participate in chanting of mantras and singing hymns that raises your spiritual and divine energy.

Shri Siddhguru also touches your third eye while you meditate, known as “Braham Sparsh” that activates a spark of divine energy. Similarly, he engages in Brahma Drishti that involves a transformative gaze directly into your eyes and Brahma Prasad, a physically energized divine object, that offers both protection and energy for soul elevation. These practices will help deepen our spiritual connection with Sri SiddhGuru, positioning him as a guiding light for enhancing our lives.

Stress, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, hurt, sadness and loneliness is stopping us from experiencing the true happiness, peace and love within us. The power of soul Siddhasana is here to hold your hand and take you through this journey of self-empowerment by sharing the art of letting go all the emotional baggage and gift yourself a life full of freedom. We believe stress, tension, etc. is a symptom of deteriorating soul power, Siddhasana resolves this through focused soul uplifting therapies with the pure element of silence. Note: Siddhasana is a priceless program built and sustained purely by the labor of love.

To learn more, please visit www.SriBrahmrishiAshram.org




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