Trey Carlisle

Arthur (Trey) Carlisle, AKA EMCEE P.O.E.T.R.E.Y, is an artivist (artist + activist) passionate about waging peace and building Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Beloved Community” through music, dance, storytelling, and mindfulness. Trey has spent the past 10 years creating films, writing songs, and teaching dance & Black history classes (in the U.S. and in China), aimed to build bridges and foster empathy between people across racial, religious, and cultural divides. Trey is the former Youth Development Director of the L.O.V.E is the Answer Movement, which works to heal and transform the historically violent relationship between Law Enforcement and communities of color. Currently, Trey serves as the Program Coordinator for the nonprofit Music in Common (MIC), which repairs the fractures dividing communities worldwide through facilitated dialogue and collaborative songwriting, and as the Co-Director of MIC’s Black Legacy Project, a musical celebration of Black history to advance racial solidarity, equity, and belonging.