Marsha Walton

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Conservation Using Behavior Principles and CBSM

Marsha Walton of NYSERDA highlights of some of NYSERDA’s completed and ongoing behavior pilots, as well as give an overview of future work NYSERDA is planning in this area. Significant cost-effective energy-efficiency potential is not realized due to behavioral barriers that have nothing to do with the availability of energy-efficient technologies, project financing or cost-effectiveness. NYSERDA initiated a Behavior Research program in 2009 with the goal of empirically evaluating behavioral approaches for improving the efficacy of clean energy programs in New York State.  NYSERDA hired Action Research to develop experimental design protocols for field implementation by eligible clean energy programs. Action Research, a third-party evaluation consultant, validates the evaluation’s results. The behavior research pilots that have been completed to date include a vanpool program, a college computer lab pilot, and NYSERDA’s New Construction Program and internal paper reduction campaign.

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