Tsoknyi Rinpoche

On Emotional Well-Being

Tsoknyi Rinpoche, part of a new generation of Tibetan teachers making Tibetan Buddhism accessible in the West, returns to the Garrison Institute often. Most recently, he led a retreat in September 2013 on “Wisdom in Aging: Waking Up the Mind and Revitalizing the Subtle Body,” and recorded this video interview with Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan Rose. He discusses the “subtle body” and the Western focus on thinking and material existence and a reified sense of self that can distort it. He calls this “high-class suffering,” and it’s an occupational hazard in highly developed countries which have highly developed cognitive education, whereas, Rinpoche says, “the emotional development is a little bit weak. I see a lot of suffering based on that.” He offers actionable insights into how to relieve it,  cultivate a healthy, connected sense of self, and rediscover basic, instrinsic well-being.