In-Person Retreats

This is a time that has transformational potentiality.  A time for new opportunities to pivot towards new ways of thinking that can lead to positive behavior shifts and real systems change. View our upcoming in-person retreats below..

The Garrison Institute is focusing on its founding mission to apply the transformative power of contemplation with insights derived from science to address today’s challenges, and to build a more compassionate and resilient future for us all. In recognition of our fundamental interdependent nature, we envision a time in which contemplative insight, ethical behavior and courageous and compassionate leadership, can contribute to much needed value shifts and engender positive systems change in society.

The Institute will reinvigorate its efforts to grow our program initiatives in the following areas, addressing the needs of professional groups who we see as leverage points for systems impact:

Our programs are an innovative and comprehensive means of catalyzing positive action.

“We are all in this together…Efforts toward change are an expression of our own innate dignity and testament to the belief that what we do matters in this world. We engage not only to try to foster change right now, we engage to enliven what we believe someday yet to be possible”.   Sharon Salzberg 

With deep gratitude to you, our extended community, 

Diana Calthorpe Rose, Jonathan F.P. Rose, Dr. Dan Siegel, Lisette Cooper, Frederick B. (Bart) Harvey III, Sebastian Zugman

Garrison Institute Board of Trustees