Retreats and Workshops Programmed by the Garrison Institute

These are all the Garrison Institute-Generated retreats and workshops offered in 2018.

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November 2—4 Retreat:
Personal Retreat Weekend

November 14—18 Retreat:
Cynthia Bourgeault: From Narrative Self to Witnessing Self: Crossing the Threshold

November 30—December 2 Workshop:
Meredith Monk: Voice as Practice

November 30—December 2 Workshop:
Robert Polito and Adam Fitzgerald: Reinventing Voice

December 7—9 Workshop:
Mark Nepo: More Together Than Alone: The Power of Spirit and Community

December 14—16 Retreat:
Ethan Nichtern and Sharon Salzberg: Real Change

December 14—16 Retreat:
Cultivating Inner Stillness for the Winter Solstice: A Special Retreat on How to Meditate