Retreats and Workshops Available to Friends of the Garrison Institute

These are the retreats and workshops that available at a 10% discount for Friends of the Garrison Institute Donors at the Compassion, Transformation and Wisdom Holder levels. To receive the special 10% discount on a retreat or workshop of your choice, please contact Kate Pauly, our Development Coordinator, to register. Kate can be reached at or 845-444-5334.

July 31-August 4 Retreat:
CARE for Teachers: Eleventh Annual Retreat

September 1-4 Retreat:
Jack Kornfield: Loving Awareness, Wisdom, and Compassion in Tough Times

September 8-10 Workshop:
Robert Polito and Tina Chang/No Walls Here: Writing + Art along the Edges, Borders and Margins

September 8-10 Retreat:
Sylvia Boorstein, Pema Khandro and Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Sensei, Lion’s Roar Retreat: Boundless Love: How to Generate Compassion for Yourself and Others

September 14-17 Retreat:
Colin Beaven and Lama Willa Miller: Fierce Compassion: Where Activism Meets Spirituality

September 21-24 Retreat:
Josh Korda and Jessica Morey: Self-Therapy: Befriending and Healing the Wounds of the Emotional Mind

September 22-24 Retreat:
David Rome and Hope Martin: Embodied Listening: Uncovering Our Bodies’ Natural Wisdom

October 26-29 Retreat:
Mindful Lawyering: A Meditation Retreat for Law Professionals and Students

November 17-19 Retreat:
Sharon Salzberg and George Mumford: Being Mindful: Enriching Your Everyday Life

November 17-19 Retreat:
Mark Matousek and Maria Sirois: Writing to Awaken

December 1-3 Retreat:
Mark Nepo: The One Life We’re Given: Finding the Wisdom that Waits in Your Heart

December 1-3 Retreat:
Jesse Paris Smith and Morana Mesic: Performance Wellness: Using Music and Sound as Your Path to Healing, Creativity, and Radiant Wholeness

December 7-10 Retreat:
Sharon Salzberg and Sylvia Boorstein: Integrity as the Path to Happiness

December 15-17 Retreat:
Meredith Monk: Voice as Practice

December 15-17 Workshop:
Robert Polito and Gregory Pardlo: Exploring Voice in Literature, Poetry, and Music

December 15-17 Retreat:
Derek and Jane Kolleeny: Cultivating Inner Stillness for the Winter Solstice: Learn to Meditate