Bridging Spirituality and Activism

By Garrison Institute

As part of our “Garrison Talks at the JCC” event series, teachers and authors Sharon Salzberg and Rev. angel Kyodo williams recently discussed ways to bridge spiritual practice and social activism. Some of the key questions explored:

  • Does spiritual practice require that we love everyone?
  • Does being happy mean that we avoid conflict?
  • How can we speak differently about spiritual practice and social justice so that we honor both where we are now and where we want to go?

Listen to the complete audio from the event below.

3 comments on “Bridging Spirituality and Activism”

  1. Kati Guerra says:

    Thank you, Sharon Salzburg, and especially, Rev. angel Kyodo for bringing this to our awareness. This issue of race and privilege in our sanghas is something which must be dealt with in order for us to sincerely work towards Ultimate Liberation. Without this awareness, we white, privileged Buddhists are missing a tremendous opportunity, not only to truly be of benefit to others, but also to ourselves. Rev. angel and the authors of Radical Dharma have truly made this apparent to me. For this, I am eternally grateful.

    1. thank you for the courage of your words, Kati, and the willingness to look directly into the truth of our inextricable connection, thus our mutual implication.

  2. Christine Pisani says:

    I just listened to this amazing audio. I found myself hanging onto every morsel of wisdom shared. I am working in Idaho to bring light to the issues Latinos face, specifically the lack of access to culturally competent services and linguistically competent information for the disability community. Everything you shared shined more of a clear path and my connection to it. With most sincere gratitude.

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