Cheri Maples, Sharon Salzberg, and Gina Sharpe on Caregiving

salzberg-sharpe-maples-272Well worth a listen: In January 2011 we held a unique retreat entitled “People Who Care for People: Tools for Resiliency” at the Institute. A group of 100 helping professionals and caregivers attended this retreat which offered training of contemplative-based tools to reduce stress, build resilience and enhance the effectiveness of their work.

The retreat was led by three distinguished meditation teachers who also have experience working with people in caregiving and helping fields: Cheri Maples, Sharon Salzberg, and Gina Sharpe. Each teacher addressed the themes of awareness, balance and connection in their own unique way and discussed how knowledge of these themes can be beneficial to the workplace. The audio of their talks is now available here. We also have have a video interview with Cheri Maples and Gina Sharpe on the same page.

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