Dr. Adele Diamond on “Child Development and the Brain: Insights to Help Every Child Thrive”

Adele Diamond Presentation 2012Creativity, flexibility, self-control… What qualities do people need in order to succeed, and how might children best gain these abilities in the classroom? We’d like to draw your attention to a very informative presentation video we recorded recently, in which Dr. Adele Diamond explores the science underlying the emerging fields of Contemplative Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). In her presentation to a gathering of Garrison Institute supporters in New York City, entitled “Child Development and the Brain: Insights to Help Every Child Thrive,” she reviews scientific findings that point to the efficacy of these approaches. A member of Garrison Institute’s Education Leadership Council and a pioneer in the field of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Dr. Diamond is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and the Canada Research Chair in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.

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