Exploring the Outdoors and Going Within

By Leslie Mott

Joan Borysenko, author of Pocketful of Miracles, writes of December:

[It is]. . ‘the month in which all the forces of nature are aligned to help us give birth to the light within.  Midwinter has cast a spell over the land and all of nature sleeps.  Members of the human tribe gather by the fire to hear the old stories by which the soul awakens and finds its way back home.”

Winter along the Hudson River is an ever changing landscape.  The eagles are returning, but much of the woods are silent, save for the always busy squirrels foraging in the leaves, and the calls of crows.  It is a chance explore the outdoors, to experience the bracing chill of wind coming off of the water, and then to be even more grateful for the comforts of a welcoming interior, of a cup of tea and a place to rest.

“Embodying Practice, a New Year’s Resolution Retreat,” at the Garrison Institute, is a chance to savor both the outer and inner landscape. What brings us “home” to ourselves, anyway?  How can we balance the inner and outer landscape of our lives?  What can we inhabit and continue as we enter into a weekend retreat and then go back to a busy agenda?  What can we keep, and what do we need to let go?

On the first weekend in January, you’re invited to learn with four teachers who will share their expertise with you and each other as we delve into the connection between the mind, the body, and the breath.  You’re invited to explore four practices that can integrate us with ourselves and others to strengthen our compassion.  You’re invited to experience four different possibilities that can open us to a rich and full experience of the human tribe.

We’re delighted to be a part of this retreat, and hope that our discovery (or re-discovery) of what connects us can bring us into a new year of gratitude, hope, and peace.

Shalom, Salaam, Shanti,

Ann Herington, Teresa Peppard, Ron Hershey, and Leslie Mott


To learn more about “Embodying Practice: A New Year’s Resolution Retreat” which will be held January 3-5, 2020 at the Garrison Institute, please click here.


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