Our Favorite Books in 2016

By Garrison Institute

From urban planning to animal rights to end-of-life care, Garrison Institute teachers and friends published books on a wide variety of topics in 2016. Below are some of our favorites.

KT_BecomingWise_Cover__Outline_MECHBecoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett

In her popular podcast, On Being, journalist Krista Tippett shares conversations with scientists, theologians, poets, activists, and others. In Becoming Wise, she weaves the insights from these interviews into chapters that explore different aspects of what it means to be human.

bib_2Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

We are deeply familiar with many aspects of our minds—thoughts, emotions, and memories—but what is the essence of the mind? In Mind, neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel J. Siegel explores the mysteries of the human mind, and, along the way, he offers a definition of the mind that includes our experiences of the self, others, and the world around us.


The Well-Tempered City: What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations, and Human Nature Teach Us About the Future of Urban Life by Jonathan F. P. Rose

In a time of increasing volatility and uncertainty, what role do cities have in addressing our current environmental, economic, and social challenges? In The Well-Tempered City, developer and urban planner Jonathan F. P. Rose shows readers how cities are well-equipped to help us balance our own well-being with efficiency and equality in ways that also support healthy and thriving cities.

bib4A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion by Matthieu Ricard

Non-human animals want to avoid suffering just as much as humans do. So why do we kill billions of them for consumption every year? In A Plea for the Animals, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard shows how our addiction to meat perpetuates world hunger, increases the world’s environmental problems, and is harmful to human health. Using reason and common sense he argues that compassion towards non-human animals is a moral obligation for all of us.

 bib5Awake at the Bedside: Contemplative Teachings on Palliative and End-of-Life Care co-edited by Koshin Paley Ellison and Matt Weingast

Through a wide range of voices—contemporary poets, spiritual teachers, doctors, and other caregivers—Awake at the Bedside demonstrates how contemplative and compassionate caregiving at the end of life can be so important and meaningful to both those giving and receiving care.

RadicalDharma_CoverComps032316.indd Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation by Rev. angel Kyodo williams

How do racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening? How can each one of us affect the shortcomings not only of our own minds but also of our communities? In Radical Dharma, Zen teacher angel Kyodo williams tackles challenging questions about the relationship between personal and social transformation.

bib7The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path by Ethan Nichtern

In The Road Home, meditation teacher Ethan Nichtern creates a road map for those trying to follow the Buddhist path in the modern world. By staying true or our individual quests for self-awareness, he says, we will form the right relationships and communities to find our place of belonging.

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