Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril


A Conversation with the Editors, October 20, 7 pm

The environmental emergencies we face – species extinction, pollution, climate disruption – are scientific and economic issues. But they are also moral issues. They call us to examine our ethical responsibilities to the planet and to future generations. They offer us the urgent chance to envision new ways of living that are worthy of us as moral beings. The MORAL GROUND project asked a hundred of the world’s moral leaders to consider: Do we have a moral obligation to the future to leave a world as rich in possibilities as our own? Their answers are gathered in the new book MORAL GROUND: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, edited by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson.

On October 20, Moore and Nelson will lead a conversation asking participants the same question, inviting us to wrestle with the hard and urgent questions – what are our moral obligations in a time of global crisis, why we should honor them, and how we can get started?

The evening is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30pm. Reception follows event. No reservations required, but we ask that you RSVP so we can anticipate attendance. For information or to RSVP, please call 845.424.4800 or email

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