A new partnership to support Congressional staffers

Today, on the anniversary of the Capitol attack, the Garrison Institute is announcing a new partnership with the House Center for Well-Being, offering tools to ensure that Congressional staffers can “be well to serve well.” These staffers provide vital services to their constituents, helping local communities navigate and respond to everything from the COVID pandemic to natural disasters, the climate crisis, and economic struggles. We are proud to be part of the team supporting these front-line workers. 

We are kicking off our partnership this month by offering staffers a special course on “The ABCs of Resilience,” led by faculty from our Contemplative-Based Resilience project and rooted in the science and practice that the Garrison Institute specializes in. Through meditation, mindful movement, and psychosocial education, staffers will learn and practice a wide range of resilience skills, allowing them to help themselves and their colleagues as they provide vital services and support to their own local communities. 

Later this spring, we will expand our offerings to include self-guided courses and an app.

Thank you to Representative Tim Ryan and all of the people at the House Center for Well-Being for their leadership and partnership. 

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