Video from the Advancing the Science and Practice of Contemplative Teaching and Learning Symposium

advancing-the-science300On November 4, the Garrison Institute welcomed teachers, principals, researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists, health professionals and others to the inaugural “Advancing the Science and Practice of Contemplative Teaching and Learning” symposium. Participants learned about research on contemplative education from the fields of neuroscience and developmental psychology. Panels looked at the implications of science for practice in working with students, teachers and parents. Click here to see video of all major sessions, interviews and more.

Watch the keynote address, presented by Mark Greenberg, Director of the Prevention Research Center at Penn State University and chair of the Garrison Institute’s Initiative on Contemplation and Education Leadership Council. He discusses working definitions of mindfulness in an education setting, and calls for a new research agenda to study the benefits of “interpersonal” forms of contemplation that can also be pedagogical activities.

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