VIDEO: Defining the Mind with Dr. Dan Siegel

By Garrison Institute

What is the mind? Where is the mind? What is the connection between your mind and your body? What’s the relationship between my mind and your mind? Why don’t we have a shared definition of mind?

In this talk, Dr. Dan Siegel explores these questions in light of his new book, Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human. (Read an excerpt of the book here.

This video is part of a talk given by Dr. Siegel at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, which was co-produced by the Garrison Institute and the New York Society for Ethical Culture and in collaboration with the Blue School.

Watch the full version of the talk here.

3 comments on “VIDEO: Defining the Mind with Dr. Dan Siegel”

  1. Jon says:

    Is the whole talk online somewhere?


    1. Sam Mowe says:

      Hi Jon – Not at the moment, but it will be available on the Garrison Institute website in the near future. Thanks, Sam

  2. Michael Maher says:

    I am reminded of the Zen Master who on his morning walk would yell out to himself:
    “Are you here?”
    And then would answer himself…”Yes. I am here.”

    There is no way to taste a chocolate cake by describing it.
    Bake a cake and eat it.

    Take the time, like a vacation, and read this book.

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