Daniel Christian Wahl on Regenerative Systems Design

On June 3rd, Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl joined Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan F.P. Rose in conversation on regenerative systems design for planetary health. Grounding the conversation, Daniel explained that regenerative cultures are not a futuristic utopia; rather, these were reality for millenia, with people living as part of their landscapes. It is only in the last ~1,000 years that the story we tell ourselves has changed.

Daniel advised that we must look to inclusionality, recognizing the existing interconnections that we too often ignore, if we hope for understanding and regeneration. Jonathan related this to eastern philosophy, stating that “a change in perception and sense of being needs to happen.”  Extending this, Jonathan explained that individuality creates differentiation; this differentiation is necessary, but so is integration. We must not allow our identity to stand in the way of change.

The solution to restoring our relationships with one another and the planet, Daniel suggested, is to focus on specifics. By looking clearly at a place, region, and people, we can cultivate regenerative bio-regions and societies. It is through a shared sense of place that we can start healing our relationships with each other. As Daniel said, “We have to heal the planet by healing ourselves.”

“The only way to planetary health is by healing places, communities, bio-regions.”

This interactive online event was part of a continuing series in the Garrison Institute’s Forum on Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH). Pathways to Planetary Health explores the moral, ethical, and human behavioral dimensions of the search for regenerative solutions, including Half-Earth, Ecological Civilization, Regenerative Economics, and The Common Good.

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