Cynthia Bourgeault on The Common Good

On 5/25, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault joined Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan F.P. Rose in conversation on the Common Good. The day after the Uvalde tragedy, when many felt lost and hopeless, Cynthia offered advice blending her unique brand of study in the Wisdom school tradition. She reminded us that all great religions are empirical with the message that “faith is never blind; it is a different way of seeing.”

Cynthia also encouraged attendees to see beyond their immediate sense of self; Jonathan supported this, citing research that found cultures with greater self-rumination are less happy. In Cynthia’s words, “wisdom is developing the capacity to perceive coherence.”

Turning to the practical, and recognizing this unsettling time, Cynthia held both liberal and conservative groups accountable for the breakdown in society. To address it, she encouraged non-duality and broader understanding. In daily life, she recommended greater intention – not squandering our time and energy – and filling the world with the energies of love, courage, peace, trust, and goodness. It is with this energy that we can sow the seeds of a better future.

“We cannot afford to waste time in anger over the past. We need to plow that [energy] into the creation of a better future.”

This interactive online event was part of a continuing series in the Garrison Institute’s Forum on Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH). Pathways to Planetary Health explores the moral, ethical, and human behavioral dimensions of the search for regenerative solutions, including Half-Earth, Ecological Civilization, Regenerative Economics, and The Common Good.

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