Paul Hawken, Konda Mason, Tara Brach on Meaningful Action to Achieve Planetary Health with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

On 4/21, Paul Hawken, Konda Mason, and Tara Brach joined Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan F.P. Rose in conversation on Meaningful Action to Achieve Planetary Health. This expansive two-hour discussion included mindfulness practices from both Konda and Tara, as well as wisdom from all four speakers. 

In this event co-hosted with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review as part of their Buddhism & Ecology Summit, Paul spoke about his latest book, Regeneration, as well as other writings such as Blessed Unrest. Tara and Konda shared insights from their work, recognizing that a healthy planet requires healthy communities and healthy individuals. Jonathan reminded us that capitalism is a mental construct, which can be changed to better serve people from all circumstances and the planet as a whole. 

Approaching the topic from multiple perspectives, the speakers discussed the importance of caring, understanding, and equity in meeting the climate crisis head on. The importance of individual action – whether by changing habits or standing up for those less fortunate – rang through the discussion and served as a reminder: we all have the ability to act, and we must act to create a healthy planet for all life on Earth.

Review all recordings from the 2022 Tricycle Buddhism & Ecology Summit here.

This interactive online event was part of a continuing series in the Garrison Institute’s Forum on Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH). Pathways to Planetary Health explores the moral, ethical, and human behavioral dimensions of the search for regenerative solutions, including Half-Earth,Ecological Civilization, Regenerative Economics, and The Common Good.

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