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May 16, 2024

Maintaining Balance in the Eye of the Storm

Maintaining Balance in the Eye of the Storm

3 Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Overwhelm and Lead with Passion and Purpose at Work


Free webinar


If you are a busy leader faced with competing priorities and you feel pulled in too many directions at work, join this free webinar to explore practices to reduce overwhelm and to stay connected to your passion and purpose at work. Christa Tinari, director of Contemplative-Based Resilience, and Sander Tideman, CEO and Founder of Triple Value Leadership, will discuss how to apply awareness practices to realize in-the-moment that you need “a moment.” You’ll also learn how to use three micro-practices for centering yourself amidst the pressured pace at work.

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Sander Tideman, Founder and CEO of Triple Value Leadership, executive coach, and author, works at the intersection of leadership, contemplation, and societal impact. He draws on practices from Eastern traditions, making them relevant for leaders wishing to make a positive impact on the world, enhancing well-being and sustainability.


Christa Tinari, Director of the Contemplative-Based Resilience Project, is a peace educator, author, teacher and trainer who has worked in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. For over twenty-five years she has designed and facilitated learning experiences that inspire and empower participants to transform themselves and their communities.


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