Fellowship Forum: Race, Restorative Justice and Healing in a Time of Awakening, Repair & Re-imagining

On July 29, Dr. Fania Davis joined us to explore how we can re-imagine healing and justice in the context of our racialized society. In this interactive conversation with Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta, Dr. Davis discussed the intersections of racial justice, restorative justice, healing, and indigeneity in these times of disaster, awakening, and repair.

We live in challenging times – but this moment also presents an opportunity for us to radically reimagine what it means to be human and to be in community with each other. We invite you to revisit this timely conversation and look forward to continuing this important work in the months and years to come.

The Garrison Institute Fellowship Forum is a series of conversations with extraordinary leaders with expertise and experience in awareness-based contemplative wisdom, the science of interconnection, generative action, and collective healing. Each conversation will be co-facilitated by the Garrison Institute Fellows and Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta.

Dr. Fania Davis is a leading national voice on restorative justice. She is a long-time social justice activist, civil rights trial attorney, writer, restorative justice practitioner, and educator with a PhD in Indigenous Knowledge. Coming of age in Birmingham, Alabama during the social ferment of the civil rights era, the murder of two close childhood friends in the 1963 Sunday School bombing crystallized within Fania a passionate commitment to social transformation. For the next decades, she was active in the Civil Rights, Black liberation, women’s, prisoners’, peace, anti-racial violence, economic justice and anti-apartheid movements. Studying with African indigenous healers catalyzed Dr. Davis’ search for a healing justice, ultimately leading her to serve as Founding Director of Restorative Justice of Oakland Youth (RJOY) and Co-Founding Board Member of the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ). 

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