Garrison Institute Fellow Releases New Music Video for our Hidden Heroes

In the music video for his latest song “Believe,” Garrison Institute Fellow Justin Michael Williams honors the “Hidden Heroes” we have lost and whose wisdom still guides us. The events of the past year have illustrated just how vital these hidden heroes are – and have reminded us that the caregivers, community leaders, teachers, and healthcare professionals who serve our communities are also our loved ones, our family and friends. 

For nearly two decades, the Garrison Institute has supported those hidden heroes through the Contemplative-Based Resilience (CBR) Project and other initiatives. Through this work, we have seen that those who devote their lives to service are often under-resourced and under-supported. 

We are excited to share Justin’s video honoring our hidden heroes today, and we invite you to share it with your networks.

Like each of Justin’s videos, “Believe” is a message and a movement. You can learn more about Justin’s work on his website, or read his essay “Ending Racism: How to Change the World in One Generation” on our website. If you would like to join the “Believe” movement, Justin invites you to create a small altar with a photo of someone you’ve lost, share a video of it on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, with the song “Believe” and the hashtag #WeBelieve. Tag Justin at @wejustwill so he can connect with you!

We also invite you to share our mobile app Care for the Caregivers: Skills for Resilience through Meditation and Mindful Movement with the hidden heroes in your life. This free app was designed to provide humanitarian aid workers, healthcare providers, first responders, and others in caregiving roles with on-demand resources that can help caregivers’ cultivate their inner reserves of resilience, even in the face of acute and chronic stress.

Justin Michael Williams is an author, transformational speaker, and top-20 recording artist who has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness. From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window, to sharing the stage with Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Justin knows well the pain of adversity and the power of healing to overcome. He has since been featured by The Wall Street Journal,,, The Root, The Advocate, Yoga Journal, and SXSW®. With his groundbreaking book Stay Woke, and over a decade of teaching experience, Justin’s message of hope and empowerment has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe, particularly through his national “Stay Woke, Give Back” tour bringing mindfulness to youth in underserved communities. Justin is dedicated to using his voice to serve; to being a beacon of hope for those who are lost, and to making sure all people, of all backgrounds, have access to the information they need to change their lives.

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