Fellowship Forum: Cultivating R.E.S.T.: The Ground of Liberation with Rashid Hughes

On August 19, Rashid Hughes joined Garrison Institute Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta for our latest Fellowship Forum. Rashid Hughes led our Virtual Sanctuary community through R.E.S.T., an experiential contemplative practice that is an antidote to the systems of capitalism and white supremacy.

R.E.S.T. operates at the intersection of liberation and contemplative practice, providing a path forward that is grounded in both rest and awareness. In a recent essay for Mindful, Hughes writes that it is “unrealistic to assume that our psyches are somehow magically separate from the ever-present social and political chaos that we are forced to exist in.”

At the Garrison Institute, we have always sought to be a monastery for the 21st century: a place of respite that is for the world, and not away from it. Through contemplative practices like R.E.S.T., we can recognize the deep interconnectedness of our world – its injustice and its compassion, its weariness and its resilience.

We invite you to join our Virtual Sanctuary by revisiting this conversation and registering for upcoming programs.

The Garrison Institute Fellowship Forum is a series of conversations with extraordinary leaders with expertise and experience in awareness-based contemplative wisdom, the science of interconnection, generative action, and collective healing. Each conversation will be co-facilitated by the Garrison Institute Fellows and Fellowship Director Dr. Angel Acosta.

Rashid Hughes (he/him) is a writer, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and a restorative justice facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Heart Refuge Mindfulness Community, a Mindfulness Community in Washington, DC that is dedicated to inspiring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to live with love and courage. Rashid is an Affiliate Teacher for the Insight Meditation Community of Washington D.C. and he is also a teacher of the Presence Collective. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree from the Howard University School of Divinity and has two recently published articles in Mindful Magazine “R.E.S.T.-A Guided Practice for the Tired & Weary” and Lions Roar Magazine “When Aggression Masquerades as Compassion.

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