Carl Safina

Founder of the not-for-profit organization: The Safina Center, a unique collective at creative end of the conservation-group spectrum. Carl is inaugural holder of the Endowed Chair for Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook University.

The Safina Center

Led by ecologist and author Carl Safina, the Safina Center is comprised of staff, fellows, and creative affiliates who together create a body of scientific and creative works that advance the conservation of wildlife and the environment, and give a voice to nature.

What are Animals Thinking and Feeling?

Using discoveries and anecdotes that span ecology, biology and behavioral science, he weaves together stories of whales, wolves, elephants and albatrosses to argue that just as we think, feel, use tools and express emotions, so too do the other creatures – and minds – that share the Earth with us.

The Power Forest

The Amazon rainforest and a miraculous glimpse of the original world.

MOL: Map of Life

Putting biodiversity on the map. A core tool of the Half-Earth Project, working to identify and prioritize areas of greatest biodiversity value, and communicate this information in new, dynamic, and engaging ways.