About The Pathways

Scientists call our current geological age the Anthropocene, in which human activity has profoundly altered earth’s ecosystems and climate. Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH) addresses the ethical responsibilities that come with this alteration, and identifies regenerative pathways for promoting planetary health in the Anthropocene. 

PPH hosts symposia convening thought leaders and experts from many different fields, and presents ongoing public fora as well as courses focused for specialized audiences.  These programs are focused on four particular regenerative pathways which guide PPH’s work:

  • Half-Earth – Conserving half of the earth’s land and sea to safeguard its biodiversity, and the conditions for ecological regeneration;
  • Ecological Civilization – Applying ecosystems models to the activities of human civilization including agriculture, energy production, transportation, urbanism etc.
  • Regenerative Economics – Moving from consumer capitalism toward a regenerative capitalism that incentivizes and rewards actions that increase systemic health, and dis-incentivizes actions that lead to systemic degradation.
  • The Common Good – Imbuing human cultures with a pervasive sense of mutuality and an ethics of the common good, as a generative social field from which environmental, social and inter-generational justice can grow.