Donors Who Make a Difference: Paul and Marcia Buckhout

By Garrison Institute

In the Spring of 2016, Paul and Marcia Buckhout gave a generous donation to the Garrison Institute and asked to create a memorial to commemorate the many years of hiking they have done along the trails surrounding the Institute.

The donation was used to purchase a large saw that Stephen Parks, one of our employees, used to make the bench from a fallen tree on the Institute’s property. The saw will continue to be used to create these various  benches across our grounds. The Buckhouts have admired the work of the Institute for many years and were happy to make a donation that would continue to serve the community in the future. 

Our current building and grounds were donated to the Garrison Institute by the Open Space Institute (OSI) in 2001. In accordance with OSI’s expectations and tenets, we have remained stewards of our grounds and the lands around it. Many of our employees take walks around the building, and we encourage our retreatants to walk the grounds as part of their practice or enjoy scenic hikes, providing them with an easy-to-use map of the surrounding area.

The Garrison Institute is also very close to a segment of the Appalachian Trail, as well as the trails that surround the famous Hudson Highlands. Experienced and casual hikers alike find paths nearby that suit their level of experience and time constraints. One of our trails is Marcia’s Mile, a short hike through the woods that passes by a small pond. The end of the clearing leads right to Arden’s Point, which provides a lovely view of the Hudson River.

We’re extremely grateful to the Buckouts for their generosity, and we hope to place more of these lovely, hand-made benches across our property and near our trails. They will be places of rest, reflection, and peace that will seamlessly exist alongside the natural beauty of our grounds. To learn more about how to sponsor one of these benches, please contact Monique Francis.

“Happy Trails!”

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