Fully Embodying Our Lives

Five dedicated teachers and practitioners share their practices for living an embodied life at the Garrison Institute on January 4 -6, 2019

By Ann Herington

What does it mean to live a fully embodied life? How might we begin or continue an investigation into what this means for us?

Some of us start our spiritual journey from the body and are drawn naturally to practices of the body. Others start from the mind or heart, and it might take a while to understand the value of integrating body awareness on our path.

This weekend offers an opportunity to experience practices you might be familiar with and to explore practices that might be new to you. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome, and together we will create a relaxed and friendly community of explorers.

Over the course of the weekend, we will move together through practices including:

  • Mindfulness meditation, sitting, walking, and eating with Ann Herington
  • Qigong with Teresa Peppard
  • Feldenkrais with Mary Newell
Body Breath Mind with Ron Hershey
  • Yoga with Jennifer Llewellyn

By the end of our weekend together, you might discover a new passion, or see familiar practices in a new light. The practices, while distinct, are complementary. You will leave with a clearer vision of how you want to engage your body on your path.

We will practice moving with intention, gentleness, and care. And we invite you to share information about any physical limitations with the teachers so they can fully support your exploration.

Come join us for the Embodying Practice retreat, a special weekend of practice, community, nature, and delicious food. What a wonderful gift to yourself and a fabulous start to the new year.

Ann Herington, MA, MBA is a teacher and guide to students of insight meditation and a lover of awakening to a fully embodied experience of this one precious life.

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