Learning the Dragon’s Way with Grand Master Nan Lu

By Elaine Katen

It’s all about energy.  If you believe you are an energy being then you know your body has amazing potential. Often this potential is overlooked for almost a lifetime until one day and awakening happens either through a health crisis or an experience that moves you to see life through a different lens.

If this kind of thinking appeals to you, consider joining Grand Master Nan Lu for a weekend retreat where you will learn how to use specific Qigong practices to energetically enhance your body. He will also use the Chinese medicine framework of Five Element Consciousness to help you build a relationship with your body, your environment and nature. Through his own life transformations, Grand Master Lu has discovered secrets to living life more fully. “We must go beyond the mind and understand that life is action. How we move within this action becomes the life-story we create. Unless you have a framework or a guide to act as a reflection, you will keep moving within the same path, again and again.”

During the weekend you will have multiple opportunities to ask the deeper questions and to experience the following:

  • Daily Group sessions with Grand Master Lu
  • Multi-day Qigong practices
  • Group sessions for Five Element Analysis
  • Guided meditation with herbal mask
  • Community of like-minded individuals

We invite you to join us for a remarkable experience! Dragon’s Way…Deep Dive Retreat: April 13-15, 2018.

Images courtesy of Tao of Healing

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