Betsy Taylor

Betsy Taylor‘s consulting practice focuses on high-impact, catalytic initiatives to address climate change and promote a sustainable culture and economy.  Betsy has spent over thirty years as a leader in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors, serving as executive director of the Ottinger Foundation, Stern Family Fund, and Merck Family Fund from 1986 – 1998. She helped launch the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Funders for Sustainable Consumption and Production, Iraq Peace Fund, National Voice, State Voices, Center for a New American Dream and 1Sky, all initiatives to move the nation in a fundamentally more just, peaceful and sustainable direction. She served as executive director of the Center for a New American Dream, a national organization dedicated to sustainable consumption and as founder and president of 1Sky, a network of over 500 organizations and 200,000 citizen activists dedicated to achieving bold policy solutions to climate change.  She has written two books and contributed to several collected volumes of essays on sustainability. Betsy specializes in helping leadership groups tackle complex problems in search of results-oriented strategies. She received her BA from Duke University and MPA from Harvard University. She is an avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast.