Dr. Lori Baudino

Dr. Lori Baudino has been a practicing clinician for over fifteen years. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Creative Arts Therapy – Dance/Movement Therapy, the therapeutic use of movement to further the individual’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration.

Her professional work fuses integrative health into hospital care, private practice, parent education, academic teaching, and global outreach.

Dr. Baudino is the National Clinical Spokesperson for The Andréa Rizzo Foundation. With the foundation’s funding
& support, she brought the first Dance/Movement Therapy Programs to the top pediatric hospitals in Los Angeles, where she continues to provide bedside therapy to children with cancer, special needs, and terminal illness. Dr. Baudino has specialized in supervising, facilitating, and providing treatment for children with special needs and their families. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers for trauma, addiction, and pain management. Dr. Baudino
has also coordinated Behavior Intervention Programs within the home/school setting.

In her private practice, she works with children and their families to support the developing child and the integral relationships between parent, child, and siblings. Understanding the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, and that life is experienced through movement – Dr. Baudino’s approach allows the child to put words into action, understand individual sensory and motor preferences, express emotional needs, and support overall integration and well-being.

Dr. Baudino is also a published author, leveraging her love of travel with her expertise in child behavior to create the informational book Super Flyers: A parent guidebook for airplane travel with children.