Jackie Ivy

Portland, OR | Architect

Design and systems thinking, mindfulness, interdisciplinary American cultural studies. 

Jackie Ivy is a design consultant with an extensive career in academic and commercial experiential design. She has applied her design thinking to physical spaces, branding and marketing campaigns, as well as leadership, education and non-profit systems-thinking. She encourages clients to design and create worlds that have yet to be fully achieved, staying true to the integrity of each project as well as inventing possibilities that have never been imagined.

Previously in her career, Ms. Ivy was the Senior Director of Operations for Nike’s Global Retail Brand Design Studio; during this time the studio created Nike’s new Flagship properties in Shanghai, New York and Paris, as well as numerous new retail concepts for Nike in Los Angeles and Tokyo. She has also worked with rag & bone, iHeart Media, Soho House, the Buccini/Pollin Group, Urban Outfitters, the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation as well as the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy.

Ms. Ivy received her Master of Environmental Design from the School of Architecture at Yale University, where she graduated with academic honors. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from University of Virginia, and double majored in American Studies through the English Department.

Area of Inquiry: 

How can this unique moment in the history of our world–with multiple pandemics occurring across the globe–be transmuted into a better understanding of ourselves, as well as one another?

Supplemental workplace social justice and equity training: How is this safe container built and maintained? How is it communicated when this space has been broken or damaged? How does the process of repair begin? How must mindfulness be used as a critical element in this process? How could the creative arts (visual, written, musical) be used as a potentially unexpected element in this process?