Advisor to the Fellowship

Jennifer Bloom

Jennifer Bloom is a poet, singer, scholar, mother, and advisor to the Garrison Institute Fellowship. Jennifer loves to weave the intellectual and creative worlds together to inform one another. She considers her role to be that of meaning maker and sacred space holder, whether she is performing, facilitating a retreat, or writing. Jennifer has published two collections of poetry and an album of music and holds a B.A. in English from Yale University and a Master of Science in Health and Social Behavior from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her perspectives integrate continued studies through The Neuroleadership Institute, The Mindsight Institute, Prosocial World as well as Jewish, Yogic, and Earth-based wisdom traditions.

Jennifer’s poetry explores questions that arise when making friends with paradox, allowing boundaries to blur, and testing the limits of our habits and beliefs. At times metaphysical, quarry, and emotionally raw, Jennifer explores what it means for her to be human and the moments that can transcend the ordinary.

In her words:
I embrace curiosity and inquiry as I explore life, relationships, and myself.
I write and sing to express and to open space for listeners to connect to their own story through mine.
I share through performances and conversations, crafting settings to feel, to consider, to discover

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