Luke Forsthoefel

Luke grew up in the rolling hills of southeast Pennsylvania where he developed interests and inclinations that led him on a personal journey of contemplative exploration with himself, his family, and his community. He eventually had the opportunity to discover new interests in healthcare and business at Wesle- yan University where he studied Economics and Psychology. While exploring these academic and professional pursuits, there resided a deep-seated desire to couple his personal journey in contemplative and awareness-based practices with his callings in business and medicine.

Luke currently works as a healthcare consultant where he has had the opportunity to develop analytical tools to help build actionable recommendations for business leaders. With a long-standing passion for healthcare, he has gotten the chance to work closely with leading innovators in the healthcare and life sciences space, helping companies to launch novel therapies and build commercial strategies.

As a young professional, Luke is driven to couple his personal experiences of and growing interests in awareness-based
and compassionate leadership to explore how high impact organizations can function more sustainably for its employees, business partners, customers, and the broader communities in which they reside.