Request for Workshop Proposals for Nov. Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium

Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium 2012The Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium, presented by the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care and the Garrison Institute, November 8-11, 2012, will be a unique gathering geared to give palliative and end-of-life practitioners the tools and insights to provide the most effective care possible. The symposium is designed to encourage leading researchers, physicians, spiritual care providers and patient advocates to learn from each other and grow as healers. Participants will share contemplative best practices and experiential teachings, while collectively beginning work toward common standards of practice.

We are seeking innovative workshop proposals in three areas: self-care for medical professionals/caregivers; contemplative care technique and theory; and contemplative care in your community/workplace. Accepted workshop leaders will receive a 10% discount on tuition and room and board costs. The submission deadline is April 21; click here for the submission form.

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