Never Been on a Retreat? Wondering Where To Begin?

Sharon Salzberg and Rachel CowanMany people who have connected with the Garrison Institute over the years have not had the opportunity to actually experience a retreat here. We have developed a retreat especially with you in mind. On June 8-10, two of our finest contemplative teachers, Sharon Salzberg and Rachel Cowan, have agreed to lead a retreat introducing the wide range of contemplative practices taught here. The Friday-to-Sunday Garrison Institute Foundations of Contemplative Practice Retreat is especially designed for those people who appreciate and support our work of exploring and applying contemplative practice to personal and social transformation, but who have not yet had a substantive first-hand experience of that practice.  There is nothing esoteric or sectarian about this retreat. Using easily accessible instruction, these two noteworthy teachers will present a range of practices that you can take home to enrich your life.

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