Climate, Mind and Behavior Episode One: Bill McKibben

Photo by Nancie Battaglia—Flickr/

Photo by Nancie Battaglia—Flickr/


March 10, 2016

Welcome to the Climate, Mind and Behavior Podcast. Each episode, we’ll explore groundbreaking intersections between human behavior, resilience, climate change and contemplative practice. Today we bring you a conversation from last year with renowned journalist, environmental activist and founder of the global climate movement—Bill McKibben. In the wake of the one-year anniversary of People’s Climate March and as we welcome 2016 with a sense of renewal and hope—a discussion on strengthening alliances between social justice, spiritual and environmental groups and Bill McKibben’s personal connection to all of this.

This episode was produced by Eleanor Bennett. Our Theme music is composed by Zoë Keating. You can find her music on iTunes or on her website, Zoë

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