The City Resilient

PopTech: The City ResilientThe Garrison Institute is proud to be a partner of The City Resilient, a PopTech forum June 24 and 25 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City. In a time of increasing volatility, cities serve as both the epicenters of vulnerability and the crucibles of resilience. This raises important questions: How do we empower communities to improve their self-reliance and act effectively on their own behalf? How do we build new social networks and social capital that cuts across socioeconomic lines? How do we physically build more resilient urban places and more resilient infrastructure? These and similar pressing questions are frequently engaged in the work of the Garrison Institute’s own initiatives. At The City Resilient, participants from the forefront of community, corporate and governmental leadership, technology, design, urban planning, philanthropy and many fields of innovation will convene for an in-depth discussions. Learn more…

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