Deliver Bad News with Compassion: A GUIDE

As the economy shifts gears, companies reorganize, and mass layoffs proliferate, leaders are increasingly responsible for conveying hard messages to their firms. Thoughtful leaders are asking: how can bad news be delivered in a way that is honest, respectful, and compassionate?

Knowing that tough news is almost always perceived as negative, leaders must develop the skill of reframing difficult change as not necessarily negative, while also acknowledging the stressful moment.

As a follow up to our article on “The Pain of Mass Layoffs,” please review this GUIDE model, as it may further support those of you who feel challenged with delivering bad news. Click on the preview below to download the PDF.

By Annemieke van der Werff and Sander Tideman
Directors of the Garrison Institute’s Compassionate Leadership in Finance Program (CLiF)

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