Recognizing changed expectations and rising challenges, CLiF unlocks and strengthens compassionate leadership skills and competences for those working within the financial industry — thus transforming the sector into a force for good.

CLiF is unique in its format. We not only focus on self-compassion and organizational compassion, but also sharpen the participant’s clarity towards their impact on society and the world at large.

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CLiF creates opportunities around — and encourages participants to further explore their experiences with — compassion in a larger societal context:  self, community, and planet.  This multifaceted approach is aimed at strengthening one’s ability to lead a performance- and purpose-driven culture.

Beyond the evidence-based research, we highlight the need for effective leaders to understand and embrace ESG policies and actions. Today’s pressing questions call on each of us to be curious and committed to finding new ways of approaching the rapidly shifting unknowns that surround our personal, professional, and environmental realities. Our hybrid program is delivered through a series of webinars combined with an in-person retreat at the Garrison Institute. Key outcomes you can expect from the program:

  • Build effective mindfulness-based leadership skills
  • Positively impact team performance and employee engagement and well-being
  • Strengthen communication and deepen effective stakeholder management
  • Develop tools to build and sustain an inclusive performance culture
  • Establish your leadership purpose company-wide, thus augmenting your organization’s ESG agenda and policies

“CLIF is a program designed to help you better understand how compassion can be used as leaders in our organization, communities and personal lives. You’ll learn very useful models and frameworks and meet like-minded professionals. It was a great pleasure to attend.”



Are you seeking to grow into a more compassionate leader, thus deepening your relationship with your team, peers, and other stakeholders? We work with financial leaders at any career stage — from established CEOs to rising decision-makers — who are motivated to inject Compassionate Leadership into the finance sector.

Our participants are looking for tools and experiences that will allow them to have a positive impact on their organization’s culture and the wellbeing of their teams and overall employee engagement.

What someone brings to this program — in terms of experiences, effort and initiative — are key indicators of whether our CLiF program is a good fit. Our intake interview will help guide you in your decision to join.


We are excited to collaborate with Mindful on Wall Street to share a series of podcasts of our conversations with leaders in finance. These discussions will illuminate how successful decision-makers apply mindfulness and compassionate leadership in their day-to-day life and work. To quote one of Mindful on Wall Street’s taglines: “Mindfulness: It starts with you.”

In this first podcast, Howard Fischer shares his journey from leading a hedge fund (Basso Capital), to leading Gratitude Railroad.1
In this episode we chat with Susana Mendoza, MD Private Equity Capital Markets at TD Securities. She’s also a founding member of Mindful on Wall Street, a grassroots collaboration of mindfulness champions across the financial services industry that seek to amplify the reach of mindfulness in that sector.
A dialogue with Nathan Romano who, in his signature passionate way, shares insights on how he built a contemplative practice, how he overcame the inevitable challenges (one will make you laugh), and how he now applies mindfulness-based compassionate leadership in his capacity as a leader on Wall Street.


Compassionate leaders build and sustain cultures that are best positioned to become a brand of choice for consumers. These leaders are also preferred employers for future talent and be on the top of the list of the growing community of impact investors

CLiF teaches the necessary tools for leaders to clearly discern the growing needs of their own company and, in turn, how these needs can be aligned with the growing needs of our society and planet.  Participants are eager to transform their companies into purpose-driven organizations that attract the right people, clients and resources. 

Participants walk away seeing that societal challenges are not to be feared. Instead, these changes can be embraced and optimized to strengthen their ESG agenda, adapt future growth markets within their existing organizations, and to achieve sustainable impact.


Since launching in 2021 and conducting two successful consecutive cohorts, we’re excited to again offer this uniquely powerful program, using a framework developed by Sander Tideman and Annemieke van der Werff.

Sander is a leading specialist in leadership development, organizational transformation, and executive coaching; Annemieke is a strategic HR and business executive, with global experience as a CHRO in the financial industry. They are joined by guest faculty Dr. Matthias Birk and Dr. Dan Siegel. By the end of the CLiF program, participants will have:

  • Access to the unique CLiF alumni network
  • Received personal coaching to successfully implement their personal development plan
  • Received a personalized leadership assessment, using a cutting-edge model developed by CLiF leaders

Faculty include:

  • Sander Tideman, Program Director, CLiF and ED of Garrison Institute International
  • Annemieke van der Werff, Program Director CLiF North America, former CHRO MUFG
  • Dr. Matthias Birk, Adjunct Professor for Leadership at New York University
  • Dr. Dan Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and executive director of the Mindsight Institute.

The next CLiF open program will begin October 31, 2023. The program includes a retreat at the Garrison Institute in New York in early December.

The CLiF Program is supported by the CLiF Advisory Council. Each member participated in the first program and continues to share their insights from across the financial industry. Click on their names to view their bio on LinkedIn.

“Our world is in great danger — politically, socially, and environmentally. If business could lead with compassion and human kindness first it would go a long way towards solving those issues. CLiF is the guidebook and support network that will make this more possible for you.”


To learn more about CLiF’s programs, please contact Sander Tideman or Annemieke van der Werff.

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