A four month transformative learning program for leaders in finance – October 2022-January 2023

A growing number of executives on Wall Street are wrestling with the pressing environmental and social issues of our times. These include low employee well-being and engagement, affecting operational efficiency and sound business decisions, as well as a rapidly growing need to build personal and institutional commitment for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.

We invite you to join a diverse group of financial leaders and confront these questions together. The Garrison Institute’s Compassionate Leadership in Finance program will help you think deeply about these issues, engage contemplative-based practices, and develop practical approaches by strengthening your compassionate leadership. By creating a compassionate culture, employee purpose and ESG impact will be enhanced which will help turn the financial sector to become a force for good.

The program is a hybrid program, consisting of four online sessions and a 2 night/3 day retreat at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York, an hour north of New York City. The program will include readings, structured conversations, meditation, and instruction in compassionate leadership — all designed to activate the wisdom and compassion that already lives inside this group of senior leaders. The size and format of this program will allow for building a close community where thoughts, ideas, and business challenges can be discussed in a trusted, confidential setting.

Session 1: Exploring our own passion for Compassion – Online

Session 2: Exploring the practice of Compassionate Leadership – Online

Session 3: In-Person Retreat at Garrison Institute

The retreat consists of a two night in-person retreat at Garrison Institute, where people can meet in a contemplative setting, while receiving guidance in meditation, movement, dialogue and community building. The retreat will allow for silent time as well as time in nature. The theme of compassionate leadership will be explored in three themes and dimensions:

  • Meditation – Self 
  • Ethics & Compassion 
  • Wisdom & Interdependence

These themes are interrelated and will be addressed accordingly. On day 1 we will start by focusing on you as an individual on your own journey, your value system and practices. On day 2 we will expand to you in your role as leader of your team and organization, and on day 3 we will explore our collective role as leaders in finance and society as a whole. 

“This program is aimed at developing compassion to create a better working world: how we can use compassion to guide our decision making process, the way we interact with our colleagues and the ecosystem etc.”


Session 4: Compassionate Leadership in Organizations – Online

Session 5: Going into the World and Integration – Online

In between the webinars we will facilitate small group practice sessions, so as to optimize learning and application in daily work.

CLIF dates:

Kick off webinar 1: October 25, 2022
Small work group November 1, 2022
Webinar 2: November 15, 2022
Small work group: November 22, 2022
Retreat at GI: December 2-4, 2022
Small work group: December 13, 2022
Webinar 3: January 3, 2023
Small work group January 10, 2023
Closing webinar 4: January 24, 2023


  1. Have an active leadership role in a financial services company or affiliated industry (consulting, hedge fund management, legal, etc.) and a strong motivation to contribute to the world, through their impact as leaders in the financial industry 
  2. Bring some initial experience or at least deep curiosity about contemplative practice and compassion 
  3. Have the willingness and curiosity to bring their insight and experience into their organizations and society 

“In our current time, it seems that every organization can only survive long-term and attract employees, investors and shareholders if it has a well-articulated purpose. A purpose for financial organizations has too shifted from returning dividends to its shareholders to showing meaningful impact and doing no harm to the society and the environment. The Compassionate Leadership in Finance (CLIF) program has been helping me to understand how to achieve that meaningful impact in the work that I do and then teach one banker at a time how to do mindful banking coupled with compassion”



Application based on invitation 

Registration is $3,100 which consists of room and board for the in-person retreat ($600) and program fee of $2,500. Register early to get a discounted early bird rate. 


All retreat leaders, attending guests and staff need to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19* to attend this retreat. Proof of vaccination, a health questionnaire, and signed building waiver are required for registration. 

*a medical exemption with documentation from a doctor requires a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours as well as a personal quarantine for 72 hours before arriving on site

For more information and to register, please email: sander.tideman@garrisoninstitute-int.org


Sander Tideman, Executive Director, CLIF, Garrison Institute International
Annemieke van der Werff, Executive Director CLIF North America, former CHRO MUFG
Matthias Birk, PhD, Adjunct Professor for Leadership NYU