Lead to Transform with Sander Tideman, Matthias Birk and the CLIF Program

On October 3, Sander Tideman, author and Director of the Garrison Institute’s Compassionate Leadership in Finance (CLIF), led a discussion on Triple Value Leadership, which is focused on compassion for oneself, one’s organization, and for society at large. It recognizes our collective capacity for awareness, compassion and collaboration, as well as the key concept of the “systems mindset,” or how businesses are dependent on society, the environment, and on the connections we all share. He was joined by Matthias Birk, a leadership and mindfulness instructor who is also an Adjunct Professor at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and at the Columbia Business School’s Executive program.

Sander, who is author of a recently released book also titled “Triple Value Leadership,” stressed that there is a need for a new and more sustainable (inclusive / holistic / regenerative) economic model, and a re-evaluation of how we measure value and business success. An interconnected and collaborative worldview makes it possible for businesses to better innovate, enhance employee well-being and performance, and become more diverse and inclusive. Sander and Matthias discussed the importance of creating sustainable value not just for shareholders, but also for society and the planet, and value for people. Both agreed that there is currently a significant shift within the financial service sector; future leaders in the sector are looking for more purpose and meaning in the workplace, and they want to experience genuine well-being through work. Sander makes the case that developing purpose, meaning, and compassion will be key to their success.

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